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Mar 12

310Steeze: Marine's Facebook Post Tests Military Rules -

This is a very interesting and tough subject to talk about. No one wants to be involved in a war and I’m sure that anyone serving for our country has something to say about it. Even though we have freedom of speech, people are easily offended by what others say, especially if it is something of that magnitude. I think the page was meant for them to speak their mind about small things. They should probably watch what they say because it is out on the Internet for everyone to see. 


This article was about a marine, Gary Stien, who created a Facebook page called “Armed Forces Tea Party Patriots”. This page was meant to encourage active marines to exercise their freedom of speech rights. The problem with the page was when the creator of the page posted “I will not follow orders…

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Please Don't Feed the Bear: How to go Viral -

I agree with you that if you want something to be known, then you should share it. I see the same things on Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Facebook and Twitter all the time. People are constantly sharing information at a rapid pace. It is alarming but awesome at the same time. This kind of sharing can be helpful to all kinds of organizations and charities that need the exposure. 


The internet has forever changed the way we communicate. The rate in which we send and receive information, whether it’s true or not, is alarming. Think of the last bit of information that you chose to share with someone. Where did you receive the initial information? On the Internet? Word of…

Mar 08

Twitter helping Americans find jobs

In a recent article I read from, they talk about how a new tool called TweetMyJobs will help Americans go back to work. Using social media to find jobs is genius if you know how to use the sites. Social media is all about networking and meeting people that you never would have had a chance to meet without it. Therefore, I foresee that TweetMyJobs is going to be a success with people in need of jobs. 

TweetMyJobs uses Twitter and Facebook to connect employers and people who need jobs. The site is used to look for different social connections linked to various companies seeking employees. The site is free and convenient for users, and makes finding a job easier than ever. LinkedIn is still considered to be a top network for professionals but TweetMyJobs can be used for lower and middle class jobs. High unemployment rates are everywhere especially with today’s economy, which makes this new tool incredibly useful for people all over the U.S. 

The only problems that the company seems to have is having enough applicants for jobs. I think the only reason for this is because people are hesitant or uninformed about sites like these. I’m sure over time they will become more and more popular because all social media sites become popular by word of mouth. The more people know about these sites, the more likely they are to use them. 

In the future, I will definitely take advantage of social media to find jobs. This is a whole new medium that people haven’t experienced before, which could make finding a job less of a hassle. Will you take advantage of social media to find a job? Using social media gives everyone a greater range of jobs that you might not have found without these sites. 


Bonne nuit, Tour Eiffel (by Zeb Andrews)


Bonne nuit, Tour Eiffel (by Zeb Andrews)

Mar 05

Jeff: Over-sharing -

I think that people share way too much information about themselves all the time and they end up regretting it. You never know who is going to see it and people need to be more aware of the privacy issues sidelining social media. 


People love to share things about themselves with other people and now with the internet and social media, people are starting to love sharing even more. We have access to so many different tools that allows us to share in many different ways and with many more people. This can sometimes turn into…

Penny Lane with Diamonds: Yahoo Thretens to Sue Facebook -

I agree that it seems more like a privacy issue. Both are social networks and even though you never know what is going on between social network companies, it seems that they don’t to be unknown. Facebook is huge and all other social networks are not as popular. 


Right now there is an all out war between Yahoo and Facebook, well atleast it is about to be an all out war. Currently Yahoo is upset because of Facebooks intellectual property. From this article it was said that Yahoo is “but perhaps none is sadder than the spectacle of an ailing Internet giant…

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Mar 01

I am just a dreamer, and you are just a dream.: Let's talk about tasking [MCO435 blog post] -

I totally agree that if I want to be on my phone then I should be allowed. I am still listening to what the professor is saying and look at my phone at the same time. I might zone out for 30 seconds but I come back to the lecture and still understand what information has just been taught. No one else is getting hurt by my multitasking besides myself. 


As I write this, I’m sitting in class, not bored, but not quite engaged. I’ve been told all my life that I can’t multitask, that our human brains aren’t meant for it. Scare tactics. I’m hearing everything my professor is saying, I could recall the last 10 minutes of this lecture easy, and it’s…

Feb 28

Adam Haught: And the Award Goes Too...Social Media! -

This is a fantastic article! I think that social media is definitely changing the way we watch TV. Social media users are constantly talking about different TV shows and instantly communicating with others about what went on during that show. 


And the winner is…social media. The Academy Awards, otherwise known as the Oscars, is one of the most watched award shows in the world. Viewable in hundreds of different countries, everyone around the world has access to this once a year television event. I’m sure, like me, you were watching the…

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Feb 22

Privacy Issues

Ever since learning about privacy in the social media world, which is considered as the control of information and space where you can create your own values, I have thought a lot more about the information companies can access through social media. Companies such as Google and Facebook can take your interests even if they are not prominently displayed and provide you with advertisements about things you like. Does this qualify as an invasion of privacy? 

Google was recently suspected of getting around Apple’s Safari and Internet Explorer’s Internet privacy settings. The face-off between Google and Microsoft is growing and Microsoft claims that Google is scamming Microsoft’s browser into allowing cookies that are normally blocked. Cookies allow websites to follow movement of users throughout the Internet to obtain information about them. This type of scam could be due to Microsoft’s outdated privacy settings. The program P3P was developed over five years ago and is not sufficient for today’s social networking sites. 

Google is not the only website that has used this approach to get around privacy settings. An abundant number of websites have been guilty of tricking Internet Explorer. Is a person’s privacy affected when they allow cookies and is it acceptable for websites to figure out a way around privacy settings? 

Privacy will always be an issue especially when it comes to social media and the Internet. Is it even possible to keep a person’s information private even if they aren’t on the Internet?  Sharing information is what social media is all about so how do we find a happy medium between sharing information but still maintaining privacy? Limiting what you put on the Internet is the only way to maintain a certain level of privacy.

Check out the article below:


A lot of people shy away from starting to work exercise into their life because they feel they aren’t good enough at it. You only get better if you keep doing it, and just the fact alone of trying something new and getting active counts for a whole lot!
It’s all about keeping things positive people!


A lot of people shy away from starting to work exercise into their life because they feel they aren’t good enough at it. You only get better if you keep doing it, and just the fact alone of trying something new and getting active counts for a whole lot!

It’s all about keeping things positive people!

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